Learn to sell hundreds of original, premium products before investing in inventory

Use our Low Risk Framework to Launch a Profitable, Premium Ecommerce Brand

Learn to sell $50K in pre-order sales for Original, premium Products

We will show you how to come up with a product idea, validate demand, and pre-sell it. You’ll leverage our network to quickly manufacture and ship it to your customers. Our product launches average $30k+ in pre-order sales. We leave no stone unturned with our framework. By the time you complete the EC Accelerate program, you will know exactly how to launch a premium Ecommerce brand in any industry.

100% of our product launches are successful... Are you next?

Dear Founder,

I’ve been exactly where you are right now.

I spent thousands of hours and dollars learning on my own and I made countless mistakes along the way.  It took me years to see my first sales.

If you’re new to premium brand entrepreneurship (or entrepreneurship in general), then you must acknowledge there is steep learning curve. More than 95% don’t make it.    

I failed (I prefer to say “learned how NOT to start a business”) again and again, but I never gave up and after years of hardship and perseverance, I finally achieved my goals. 

I promised myself WHEN I became successful (a positive mindset is essential!), I would support others on their journey as well, I just didn’t know how…yet.  

Eventually, I figured it out, and it’s what I’ve been doing everyday since 2011 as a founder, investor, coach, and mentor.

There is no high or feeling better than standing on your own two feet, and I’ve made it my mission to help as many motivated founders as possible accomplish success as well.  I will ALWAYS go the extra mile to help founders get one step closer to their dreams.     

Unfortunately, everyday I see or hear about more entrepreneurs who give up.  

They don’t know where to start, which information to trust, how to market or sell, and they can’t figure out the right steps to success.

Does this sound familiar?

EC Accelerate removes all the noise and provides you with a proven framework, a motivated community, personalized coaching, and a vetted network to get from where you are now to success as effectively and efficiently as possible.

That’s the dream. And we’ve been supporting founders to accomplish this dream for the past decade.

And I’ve made it my goal to help you get there, with a fail proof plan – as long as you’re willing to apply yourself.

-Nick Ramil
Founder & CEO of EC Accelerate

The EC Accelerate Program

We combine a proven framework with FILL-IN-THE BLANK TEMPLATES AND VIDEO TRAINING, a global community, a vetted network, and personalized 1-on-1 Coaching to Give you a Comprehensive Learning Experience.

After helping launch 100s of physical product companies successfully, we refined the process and brought in best-in-class experts to create a  program we’re so confident in, we guarantee ROI on our program fee for any founder who completes the program and launches their business.

We created a SIX PHASE PROCESS: 

Product Ideation – “How do I figure out what to sell?”  is the most frequent questions we hear from our founders. We have a proven process to quickly and effectively come up with, research, and validate your future premium brand business.

Your Business Foundation – The first step is to put your business vision into words.  This phase will show you how to organize your thoughts to give your business the best chance of a success.

Understanding Your Audience – You need to flesh out your audience.  The more you understand about your audience, the better you can serve them as customers.  

Building Your Online Presence – Your online presence determines everything your customers know about you. We build this by focusing on the essential, highest value activities first. Your goal is to capture as many future customers as possible for your new brand.

Customer Development – We communicate, we learn, we sell, and then we scale. Engaging your early customers and learning from them is essential.  As we do, we’ll leverage technology to ensure we’re getting smarter and marketing and selling better.

Launching Your Business – It’s time to bring your new premium brand to life and start to generate revenue and profit for your business. Our proven launch process will guide you to success. We guarantee it.

If you can make a $1, you can make $1,000,000.  Let’s start with 1 figure, then 2, then 3…you get the point :).   

Here's Just a Few of Our Successful Product Launches


atlexo product shot
"The experience with EC has been vital to our successful launch as a business. There is no other way to say it. We would not be where we are today without the EC community. Without EC we were a lost puppy looking for mommy. Without the EC team and framework I would have failed miserably as a brand and a business. Each time the journey got tough and arduous I would refer to my brand building templates and research databases. Each time I got discouraged or off track I would refer to our customer interviews and feedback from validation. And each time I needed some encouragement, it was right there with the community members answering questions and giving advice. I have already formed several lifelong friendships and contacts in this process. I am really excited about what's in store for the future. This is only the beginning."
AgyemAnG Clay
Founder of Atlexo

Silverton: Radiation Proof Shorts

silverton shorts campaign thumbnail
"I didn’t want to invent a new product. I wanted to improve upon what is already in the market as I saw an opportunity in the market. The EC Accelerate program takes a holistic approach to learning how to successfully start a premium brand business. The combination of their framework, community, and coaching meant I was never alone on my journey and it led to my successful launch last year.”
Constantin Ricken
Founder of Silverton


"I had graduated from college, secured a job at a fortune 500 company, and I knew this wasn't the life for me. ON the other hand, I knew for sure this was the program for me- luckily, it didn’t disappoint! Over the past year I’ve been stretched, I’ve grown, and I learned more than I ever would have imagined because of this program. I doubt there is any other program out there with the experience of EC Accelerate. If you want to bring a physical product to life, this is a great way to do it with VERY experienced mentors."
Joey Bridges
founder of STAG Rack

Weighted Shin Guards

speed demon shin weights
"The EC Accelerate program has been instrumental in bringing my product idea to life. The program helps create a solid foundation from which to launch your product and brand. The knowledge I have gained is foundational to launching original design products and to running successful online businesses. The EC Accelerate framework is based on timeless fundamentals and I continue to leverage the process as I grow my business."
Gary Dillon
Founder of Speed Demon Sports

original grain

"So you want to be an entrepreneur. Now what? I was the first person EC Accelerate helped to start a company in 2013. As of 2021, my company is worth more than $20 million dollars. If THAT doesn't convince you these guys know what they're doing, then nothing will. "
Ryan Beltran
Founder of Original Grain Watches

A supportive community with you every step of the way

EC Accelerate's global entrepreneur community spans from digital to physical with our member private online community to in-person founder meetups. You will NEVER be alone in your entrepreneurship journey. Your mentors, peers, and partners are always just a message away. We've created THE best environment for you to become a successful entrepreneur.

The EC Accelerate Framework is Broken Down into 6 Simple Phases

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Your Team

this is the team behind 100s of successful product launches

Nick Ramil

Founder& CEO

I don’t believe in launching products. We launch businesses. Since developing our proprietary, proven framework for ODM physical products, we’ve had a 100% success rate launching new businesses. As a founder (4X), investor (150+), and mentor (1,000+), my expertise is getting founders from $0 to 6 figures and beyond as lean, fast, and efficient as possible. I travel the world speaking and mentoring founders, and now I’m coming directly to you. More than 95% of first time founders fail. Not with our program. Our program is for the entrepreneur who wants real results, real revenue, and a real business.

Travis Levell

Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer

Between working in software startups, and marketing hardware and physical products, Travis’ main focus is growth marketing. Between his own and client’s businesses he’s taken more than 10 companies from the ground floor to $20K+/mo in profit. Having an array of online marketing skills, some of his specialties are scrappy early marketing tactics including Facebook ads, conversion rate optimization, copywriting and web development. With the ability to drive sales with little to no budget he’s the ideal person to teach you how to drive sales as an early founder.

Nick Zieber

Chief Product Officer

Experienced in finance, HR, multimedia, branding and design. He is one of Hong Kong’s best known community builders within the startup ecosystem and has worked with hundreds of founders. Having spent the last decade conducting business in Asia, he was previously a professional tech recruiter for VCs, accelerators, and startups, building elite teams in Hong Kong, Greater China, and the USA. Nick has recruited software engineers for renowned companies like OnePlus, Facebook, Google, AXA, Arrow Electronics & more. In 2011 he produced a music video, “WING$” by the Seattle duo Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. The project was funded on Kickstarter and has more than 158,000,000 views to date. Nick was previously the Hong Kong community leader for Product Hunt and is passionate about brand strategy, product development, content creation. He is fluent in Japanese and Mandarin.

Christopher Rasker

Entrepreneur in Residence

Christopher Rasker from Amsterdam, Netherlands is the founder of KANE watches. He has sold over 20,000 of his exclusive timepieces and is represented by over one hundred official watch dealerships. He joined the EC Accelerate program early 2018 while on the edge of bankruptcy after spending over $250k on his team, marketing, and operations during his first 2 years. By using the framework and through 1 on 1 coaching he quickly learned how to restructure his failing business and quickly began making $10k in profit per month before graduating. Today he continues to work on automating KANE’s business process’ as he gradually reduces his working time while scaling beyond his current $25k monthly profit goals.

Levi Lewandowski

Entrepreneur in Residence

Levi Lewandowski from Portland, Oregon is the founder of STAG Rack, which is one of the case studies of Enter China after going through the Accelerate program just last year. After making $17,000 in his first 2 hours live on Kickstarter and gathering another $25,000 in pre-orders after the conclusion of his campaign, he left his prestigious corporate job behind to pursue entrepreneurship full-time. In less than a year since launching STAG, it was named a finalist for the Oregon’s Emerging Startup Award with a steady flow of sales coming both domestically and internationally.

Harrison Bevins

Entrepreneur in Residence

Harrison Bevins is a serial entrepreneur originally from Park City, Utah. After leaving his corporate job in New York City, Harrison moved to China and began his journey in the e-commerce world, learning everything about manufacturing and marketing. After 4 years and two successful exits under his belt, Harrison founded Oak & Rove—a premium travel bag company geared towards the self-made man. With over $30k raised in the first month, Oak & Rove is poised to be another successful EC case study. Today, Harrison is focused on scaling up Oak & Rove’s operations while helping other entrepreneurs build profitable e-commerce businesses using EC’s framework.

You will make positive ROI on this program with your product or we will refund your investment.

Plain and simple. Upon completion of our program, you will make positive ROI within 12 months or we refund your investment. Most people think we’re crazy to offer this guarantee, but we’ve never had to refund and we never believe we will. That’s how much we believe in our proven framework.

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