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Nick Ramil

Founder& CEO

Nick Ramil is a serial entrepreneur (wine, watches, information, and technology) from Beaverton, Oregon. He speaks English, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese. He spent 9 years in China gaining hands-on experience. He learned how to build a business the “old way” and it’s one of the main reasons he created EC Accelerate. He would never say he “failed,” but rather he learned many ways not to build a business the right way. Since then, he has sold two companies before his 28th birthday, is a founding partner of a successful men’s brand, and a founding partner at Brinc which holds equity positions in more than 150 companies spanning robotics, drones, connected devices, and advanced food technology.

Travis Levell

Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer

Between working in software startups, and marketing hardware and physical products, Travis’ main focus is growth marketing. Between his own and client’s businesses he’s taken more than 10 companies from the ground floor to $20K+/mo in profit. Having an array of online marketing skills, some of his specialties are scrappy early marketing tactics including Facebook ads, conversion rate optimization, copywriting and web development. With the ability to drive sales with little to no budget he’s the ideal person to teach you how to drive sales as an early founder.

Nick Zieber

Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer

Experienced in finance, HR, multimedia, branding and design. He is one of Hong Kong’s best known community builders within the startup ecosystem and has worked with hundreds of founders. Having spent the last decade conducting business in Asia, he was previously a professional tech recruiter for VCs, accelerators, and startups, building elite teams in Hong Kong, Greater China, and the USA. Nick has recruited software engineers for renowned companies like OnePlus, Facebook, Google, AXA, Arrow Electronics & more. In 2011 he produced a music video, “WING$” by the Seattle duo Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. The project was funded on Kickstarter and has more than 158,000,000 views to date. Nick was previously the Hong Kong community leader for Product Hunt and is passionate about brand strategy, product development, content creation. He is fluent in Japanese and Mandarin.

Bashar Aboudaoud

Financial Advisor

Bashar Aboudaoud is a serial entrepreneur (textiles, real estate, and technology) from Toronto, Canada by way of Syria. He is an entrepreneur who is obsessed with “replacing himself every day,” figuring out how to “never see the same work more than once” and regularly reinventing himself after he achieves the height of success with his current business focus. His strict-focus on effectiveness and efficiency is what helped enable the EC team and our founders to regularly build themselves out of their businesses and to achieve true entrepreneurial freedom. Bashar is a constant reminder that it’s important to work ON the business and not just FOR the business.

Manav Gupta

Investor & Strategic Partner

Manav Gupta is a serial entrepreneur (software, F&B, and technology) originally from Mumbai, India. He spent his entire childhood moving around Asia because of his father’s career. Manav’s genuine desire to improve the world through technology is evident when you look at his resume as a founder and his current mission as the founder & CEO of Brinc. Brinc acquired Enter China in April 2017 with the sole purpose of empowering more founders to achieve greater success when it comes to launching and scaling a physical product business. The partnership between Brinc and Enter China represents centuries of combined experience in China and tens of millions of products shipped around the world. More importantly, the combined vision they share is to make entrepreneurship in its purest, most applicable form accessible to the entire world of future entrepreneurs.

Mahal Overly

Program Manager

Mahal has more than a decade of experience in the service industry working across data management, hospitality and administrative sectors. She was previously a project analyst working in a cross-functional role managing customer data for a large British technology company. She is bilingual in English and Tagalog.

Harrison Bevins

Entrepreneur in Residence

Harrison Bevins is a serial entrepreneur originally from Park City, Utah. After leaving his corporate job in New York City, Harrison moved to China and began his journey in the e-commerce world, learning everything about manufacturing and marketing. After 4 years and two successful exits under his belt, Harrison founded Oak & Rove—a premium travel bag company geared towards the self-made man. With over $30k raised in the first month, Oak & Rove is poised to be another successful EC case study. Today, Harrison is focused on scaling up Oak & Rove’s operations while helping other entrepreneurs build profitable e-commerce businesses using EC’s framework.

Levi Lewandowski

Entrepreneur in Residence

Levi Lewandowski from Portland, Oregon is the founder of STAG Rack and Louis Elite, which are two of the case studies of EC Accelerate after going through the program just 3 years ago. After making $17,000 in his first 2 hours live on Kickstarter and gathering another $25,000 in pre-orders after the conclusion of his campaign, he left his prestigious corporate job behind to pursue entrepreneurship full-time. In less than a year since launching STAG, it was named a finalist for the Oregon’s Emerging Startup Award with a steady flow of sales coming both domestically and internationally.

Charlie Whitworth

Growth Marketer

Charlie Whitworth specializes in marketing, sales funnels and EC Accelerate certified strategies. Between Facebook ads, email marketing and conversion rate optimization he helps contribute to the growth of the EC Accelerate community and its members.