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dwntwn run

I’m a successful entrepreneur in the creative industry working with some of the largest and premium brands in the world. That being said, when it came to launching my own premium product brand, I didn’t have the experience. The EC Accelerate team is great at helping you take your current skills and expertise and transferring them in the ways necessary to be a successful premium brand founder. The EC Accelerate program gave me a roadmap to create my running apparel brand, DWNTWN Run Co, and bring to market an innovative new storage solution for female runners: a sports bra with pockets.”

Kristen SHENK



I had been working with suppliers in China for two years, but EC Accelerate completely changed my experience. I met a welcoming, helpful group of people facing the same challenges as me. We shared advice and helped each other with our businesses.”

Fred Perotta

CO-FOUNDER OF Tortuga backpacks

The Coolio

coolio cooler

I wanted to build a product and brand I’d be proud to use myself. I didn’t have experience with the process of bringing a physical product to life, and this is where EC Accelerate provided essential value. The framework they provide, although not always easy to do (entrepreneurship is never “easy”!), is simple to follow. I’m learning and growing as a founder and the EC community and team continues to provide support in my journey.”


Founder of Everyday Makai


I’m very passionate about supporting the fair rubber trade and bringing responsibly sourced products into this world. The EC framework has allowed me to not only source, manufacture and sell products that are good for the world, they’ve helped me do it profitably. As my business scales, so does the amount that I can do for the world, our sources of rubber and the people who work to get it for us”

Heather Shushter

Founder of Olli

Vincero Watches

Nick and the team’s framework is well-rounded.  This was the perfect solution for me, as the framework allowed me to fill in templates and follow step-by-step directions so I could become successful even at things that aren’t my strengths!”

Tim Nybo

Co-Founder of Vincero Collective


EC Accelerate’s marketing frameworks and templates are worth the cost of the membership alone. I had known that Facebook Ads would be valuable for my business, but the strategies and tactics the program teaches will generate so many extra sales it’s hard to believe I was running my business before without knowing these things. Awesome!”

Trish Smith

Co-Founder of Airpocket

Iggi Bowl

iggi bowl

Most courses have flashy advertisements and brash sales language, but EC Accelerate does not. This was what drew me to them in the first place. They do not need to employ these marketing strategies (and be wary of those who do!). They concentrate on and rely on business and entrepreneurial fundamentals that all founders must learn and practice in order to launch a profitable, scalable business in today’s market.”

Roderic Andrews

Founder of Iggi Bowl


I wish I found EC Accelerate earlier. The value they’ve already added to my business taught me how to launch winning products every time. My existing sales have increased, and I’ve found a new model to launch new products. I’m so excited to use over and over and get more successful every time.”

Eric Obzejta

Founder of Arc Rings

Original Grain Watches

You want to be an entrepreneur. Now what? I was the first person EC helped to start a company. As of 2019, my company is worth more than $20 million dollars. If THAT doesn’t convince you these guys know what they’re doing, then nothing will. “

Ryan Beltran

Founder of Original Grain Watches

Weighted Shin Guards

speed demon shin weights

The EC Accelerate program has been instrumental in bringing my product idea to life. The program helps create a solid foundation from which to launch your product and brand. The knowledge I have gained is foundational to launching original design products and to running successful online businesses. The EC Accelerate framework is based on timeless fundamentals and I continue to leverage the process as I grow my business.”

Gary Dillon

Founder of Speed Demon

Artem Charta

I was a first time founder with a full-time job. I followed EC Accelerate’s steps and I generated $17K in pre-orders for my product within 2 months of implementing their strategies. I couldn’t recommend EC Accelerate more – especially since they cover all of the risk with their guarantee. I’m looking forward to this valuable knowledge paying dividends over my whole career as an entrepreneur. I’m so thankful I was part of this program.”

Michael Roy

Founder of Artem Charta

Woodies Sunglasses

How do I make money with my idea? I had no clue. After working with the EC Accelerate team, I now run a successful business that lets me do what I want, when I want, where I want to. I went from 0 sales to thousands of sales / month and I couldn’t recommend this team more. “

Cory Stout

Founder of Woodies


I had never launched an original physical product before. There are a lot of programs or ‘experts’ out there, but none have the track record of the EC Team. Their step-by-step processes and bullet proof strategies are tools any focused founder can leverage if they’re willing to learn and apply them. I now run an 8 figure business and I couldn’t of reached this level without the EC education.”

Florian Simmendinger

Founder of Soundbrenner

Brutal Buddha Shorts

man doing yoga pose

EC Accelerate was a massive game changer in so many ways. My co-founder and I were learning as we went, taking an old school approach to figuring out how to launch a business ourselves as this wasn’t our first entrepreneurial venture. We spent the better half of a year’s worth of time and energy on our own. As we neared our campaign with a few months to go, we realized the importance of having access to a proven process to the preparation work that goes into building a strong, premium brand from day one. EC Accelerate has the most complete framework in the world, and EC is on a mission to guide founders to successfully launching and scaling their business as long as you’re willing to put in the work to make it happen. We ultimately ended up far exceeding our target and selling nearly $40,000 worth of Brutal Buddha shorts in our first month. We’ll take BBG to the next level with the process we learned in EC Accelerate. #NamasteBrutal”

Evan Tate

co-Founder of Brutal Buddha Gear


I had graduated from college, secured a job at a fortune 500 company, and I knew this wasn’t the life for me. ON the other hand, I knew for sure this was the program for me- luckily, it didn’t disappoint! Over the past year I’ve been stretched, I’ve grown, and I learned more than I ever would have imagined because of this program. I doubt there is any other program out there with the experience of Enter China. My answer would be that if you want to bring a physical product to life, this is a great way to do it with some VERY experienced mentors and coaches.”

Joey Bridges

founder of STAG Rack

Anti flea pet collar

sharon-b pet care

EC is a no brainer for any entrepreneur who cherishes their most valuable resource – TIME. I’ve built and sold traditional businesses in the past. This was my first time working on an eCommerce business. I had a bunch of ideas, and I wasn’t sure which one was the winner. I applied their process to numerous niches (babies, beverages, pets) I thought would work and their framework saved me from building a lot of the wrong businesses until I found the right one. The framework combined with the supportive community made my journey to eCommerce success much less painless and much more effective than doing it on my own.”

Roland Baks

Founder of Sharon-B Pet care

Aspiro Wallets

open wallet

Before I joined EC Accelerate, my brand had almost zero sales, no branding and I had no idea on how to create a sales funnel to attract my target audience. I was close to giving up on my dream to become a successful ecommerce entrepreneur… then I found EC. I knew this program was for me because I was getting hands-on guidance and mentoring from ecommerce entrepreneurs that were successful in many niches. The training material is unmatched compared to other training programs I have tried. Best of all, the community in the program is a wealth of knowledge, resources and support. Using the framework from the program, I was able to successfully relaunch my brand and hit my sales goal! I now know how to create a sales funnel and attract my target audience and generate consistent sales. 

Mo Dawoud

Founder of Aspiro

Garabaldi Watches

I always wanted to be an entrepreneur, but had so many fears about actually taking the steps to move forward. Enter China laid the framework for each step of the way. It took away all of the guesswork and simplified the process for me. If you want to make a product, please don’t waste your time on your own. Join this community!”

Shane McDonnell

Founder of Garibaldi Watches

EC Accelerate

EC Accelerate gives you access to:

  • a proven, proprietary product launch framework specifically built for premium brands
  • a motivated, supportive founder community in the world with more than 830 founders from around the world
  • qualified coaches that have all launched their own highly successful physical product companies
  • a vetted network of partners and vendors built over the past 30 years

Our launch framework has a 100% success rate because of the strength of our program and network.

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